Aurora TLV

Type: Launch Vehicle, Single Stage to Orbit
Application: Flight Test Vehicle
Flight Status: In development and test
Manufacturer: Planet Space
Model Scale: 1/10

The Aurora TLV flight test vehicle is a one-tenth-scale test bed for a proposed single-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle that would be 119 feet long, 21 feet high and 59 feet wide. This flight test vehicle is one of two developed by Planet Space, of Canada, New Generation Space, Inc., of Chicago, Ill., and Global Design Solutions, Inc., of Aurora, Colo. Aurora has its roots in the U.S. Air Force FDL7 program, and is being designed to launch horizontally from a track-mounted steam sled, climb to altitude under jet engine power and complete the trip to orbit using rocket engines. Its body design and jet engine power enable a combination glider/powered flight return to Earth.

On loan from Planet Space and Global Design Solutions.


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