Orion Spacecraft

Diameter: 16.5 ft. (5 m)
Model Scale: 1/4

Crew Module
Height: 10.9 ft. (2 m)
Weight: 21,650 lbs. (9.820 kg)

Service Module
Height: 18.3 ft. (5.6 m)
Weight: 27,198 lbs. (12,337 kg)

The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is America's next generation spacecraft that is designed to take astronauts beyond Earth orbit on missions to explore deep space. Built by Lockheed Martin, the cone-shaped crew module is partially reusable and can transport four crew members on flights lasting several weeks. The service module seen here represents an earlier design, while the final design provided by the European Space Agency will sport four rectangle-shaped, electricity-generating solar array panels. When crewed, Orion will be launched atop NASA's new Space Launch System heavy lift rocket.


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