Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10 Engine

Application: Rocket Engine for Atlas and Titan Rockets
Thrust: Up to 24,750 lbs.
Propellant: Liquid Hydrogen (fuel), Liquid Oxygen (oxidizer)
Manufacturer: Rocketdyne
Model Scale: Actual Size

This full-size RL10 is considered one of the great workhorse rocket engines of America's space program. Originally created in 1959, it was the world's first rocket engine to use high-energy liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as its propellant. For most of its history, twin RL10 engines powered the Centaur upper stage used on Atlas and Titan rockets and provided the final push to send dozens of spacecraft into Earth orbit or on interplanetary paths through the solar system. Today, the latest versions of the RL10 engine continue to power the Centaur upper stage used on Delta IV and Atlas V rockets launched from Florida and California.

NOTE: There have been a number of different versions of the RL10, with widely varying numbers related to height, width, weight, etc.


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