Space Station MIR

Days in Orbit: 5,519
Days Occupied: 4,592
Number of Orbits: 86,331

This model shows the first core module of the Russian space station Mir that was launched into Earth orbit on Feb. 20, 1986. Its design was an evolution of Salyut, the Soviet Union's series of space stations flown between 1971 and 1986. Mir, which is a Russian word that can mean "peace" or "world," featured a small node at one end that allowed other spacecraft to be joined in orbit, making it the first modular space station ever to fly. By the time the Mir program ended with its re-entry on March 23, 2001, the station included six additional modules: Kvant-1, Kvant-2, Kristall, Spektr, Priroda and a docking module for use by NASA's Space Shuttle. The Shuttle-Mir program saw seven NASA astronauts serve aboard Mir on long duration expeditions between 1995 and 1998, paving the way for the construction and operation of the International Space Station.


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